Photos and Memories of our Spring Equinox Luminary Walk

Photos From Our Spring Equinox Concert on the night of a “Super Worm Moon” and Luminary Lit Labyrinth Walk

After enjoying a tasty soup supper in our community room, we all proceeded outside to a joyful and meditative presentation by Dale Selover Froehlke and Pastor Peter Froehlke. Doug and Megan Helvering supplied a musical chanting as poems and prayers were offered to all that came to walk the labyrinth on this special evening. We all gathered around the labyrinth to join in the ceremony, then as the daylight slowly receeded and the luminaries lit the path, we all walked the labyrinth before proceeding in for John Franek’s Anno creative and meditative concert that benefits world hunger. It was an amazing and memorable experience. Thanks to all for joining in the fun.