Finger Labyrinth and Photo Exhibit

P1050194The three canvases with photos and the finger labyrinth are presented as a gift to the Prince of Peace congregation from Nancy Herrington and to further initiate a connection with the labyrinth project. The drawings of labyrinths on the canvases are demonstrating how to draw a labyrinth from the beginning seed pattern to a seven and 11 circuit labyrinth. Each photograph is chosen because of the analogous or symbolic reference to labyrinths such as: the spiral, a sacred place, mirror reflections, and the walking/ spiritual path. There is  a journal  available on the labyrinth display table at POP so all may participate with our creative endeavor.

P1050193Who knows what will be possible for you as you travel its’ pathway?
May you encounter blessings.
Who knows what you will connect.
May blessings occur.
Who knows what transformation and illumination may occur.
May your movements and insights be blessed.
–Helen Curry-


P1050195We can value each step we take and each step can bring us happiness because we’re in touch with life, with the source of happiness and with our beloved planet. Bells of mindfulness for each other, supporting and reminding each other along the path of practice. With the support of the community, we can cultivate peace and joy in ourselves, which we can then offer to those around us.  Body, speech and mind in perfect oneness.
-Thich Nhat Nanh-


P1050202 (1)Before you enter the labyrinth, take a couple deep breaths and release them slowly. Know that the path has no wrong turns or dead ends but is a continuous path that will guide you on your journey. Let go of everything except the present moment in time. Walk at a comfortable pace and just be at one with all that is around you. Be prepared for a sense of joy, love and peace to surround you. There is no wrong way to walk the path.
– Denny Dyke-