Progress of Labyrinth Fundraiser

An informative presentation of Labyrinth Program testimonials by Abbey Aymes, Ellie Crawford, Phyllis Church, and Kate Krehel was held at the Prince of Peace church service on July 10th. While the participants described their experiences and journeys to the congregation during the sermon, Nancy Herrington removed a section of silver tape from a painting of a street in Lorsch, Germany with a labyrinth drawn over the scene. The remaining silver tape represents the amount of funds needed to complete the outdoor construction of the labyrinth beside the church. The symbolism of the labyrinth on the empty street in Germany is meant to represent the journey, frustrations, setbacks, and fears as many refugees of different race, culture and religious beliefs are flooding into their town. The goal of peace, unity and acceptance is what we all are struggling to achieve throughout  the world. On July 17th, Dave Herrington held up the labyrinth painting and Nancy Herrington, with great difficulty, removed another section of silver tape from the painting as we grow closer to our goal of full funding for the labyrinth. We are currently $50 short of our goal, as of July 24th, and many thanks to all who so graciously donated the necessary funds. Any additional donations will contribute to the landscaping and paths that are surrounding the labyrinth.